Friday and Saturday, August 18th & 19th, 2023

  • Americans are drinking more wine than ever before. Per capita consumption is at a record high after over ten years of growth
  • The percentage of “core” consumers, who drink wine at least once a week, has grown 38 percent since 2000.
  • Wine tasting has never been so popular!

Embark upon a wine-inspired journey at the Nebraska Balloon & Wine
Festival featuring unique handcrafted wines from some
of the best Wineries in the country.

The Nebraska Wine Showcase will include experts and winemakers with your chance to taste many award-winning wines, all at one place.
The United States Is In The Middle of a Golden Age of Wine!

Grapevines love the Midwest soil. They also like rolling hills with water far below, but within reach. Finally, wind is essential. Brisk winds keep unwanted intruders away. These are all the ingredients for growing grapes that make award-winning wine.
This is Nebraska, and it is wine country.

Enjoy Tasting Hand-Crafted Wines from All the Participating Wineries.

The 2022 Winery Showcase at the Nebraska Balloon & Wine Festival !

For More Information, Contact: Mike Mancuso and Joe Mancuso, Festival Manager

Produced By: Mid-America Expositions,Inc. (402) 346-8003