APRIL 13 - 14, 2024



Omaha, NE 68144

APRIL 13 - 14   SATURDAY (11 AM TO 6 PM)  & SUNDAY (11 AM TO 4 PM)


– Congratulations on a fabulous Health, Wellness and Fitness expo last weekend!!!

– “It was a great show with many informative and enjoyable exhibits, and a great attendance.

-“Thanks for including us!” “We had a FANTASTIC time at the event!!! It was wonderful. We had such a great turnout at our booth we are wondering how soon we can book it again for next year!”

-“The seminars were outstanding! So many good ones! I stayed at the main stage for hours!”

-“Thank you for the event! We want to lock in next year’s also!”

-“I had the privilege of exhibiting at the show — the food service staff and the magnificent menu – were superb! House made chips, house -made veggie burger, grilled veggie sandwich, a salad, and more — were enjoyed by all!”

-“We had a great turnout and would love to come back!”

-” We had a great Omaha Health Expo! So many people saw our product in person, the exposure and live presentations were invaluable, tons of new leads, and we had tremendous sales at the show! You and your staff put on a great show! We can’t wait for next year!”


Barb Warneke

Kangen Water

-“The Omaha Health Expo was a great potpourri of practitioners, methodologies, supplements, demonstrations, and other healthy contributions. The speakers and seminars were informative and the booth demonstrations were exciting to see and hear. This expo exceeded my expectations and the number of trade show booths were well beyond what many would see at a much larger national exposition. Everything seemed well organized and the flow of the public was good. I was able to connect with other practitioners and make good contacts with vendors of products in which I have been looking. I look forward to participating again.”

Dr. Blaine Chambers

-Thank you for another Great Show! Everything was great as usual!

Take care,


-The Omaha Health, Wellness & Fitness Expo was awesome for us at the Usana Health Science Booth. It wasvery successful for us and I want to request the same spot next year. We gave out so many samples and people loved it. We’ll do the same next year.


Linda Dey

-Show was Great I would like to renew the same space for next year…

Dr. Zach

-Thanks for a Great Health & Wellness Expo. It seemed well attended and we were pleased with the number of people that visited our booth.


Nick Reynolds

-“Thank you so much for bringing this event to Omaha and allowing our city to have a health, wellness and fitness expo. I appreciate so much all of the planning, coordinating and CARING that you do for our community.

Please give a big thank you to all of your volunteers and staff. I appreciate personally the many things you did to accommodate and serve our community.”

With heartfelt thanks,

Donna Allen Cover, PhD, CHES, FAWHP

-The Omaha Health Expo was a great event for us and we really enjoyed being a part of it. Thank you for all of your help with all aspects from registration to having people available to help us unload.

With great appreciation,

Dr. Marcy Ziska

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