APRIL 13 - 14, 2024



Omaha, NE 68144

APRIL 13 - 14   SATURDAY (11 AM TO 6 PM)  & SUNDAY (11 AM TO 4 PM)



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The 15th Annual – Omaha Health, Wellness, & Fitness Expo   will Now be March 26 – 27, 2022 at the Center / Omaha Sports Complex.

The Omaha Health Expo is one of the largest health fair pertaining to wellness, fitness, the mind, body, and spirit in the Midwest!  Last year there were over 200 exhibitors and over many seminars.

Find out new ways to attain soundness of mind and body, learn how to live longer, better, and happier, check out new ideas to improve your lifestyle and sense of well being.  Learn the benefits of being healthy, being pain free or reducing your pain levels.  Find out what’s new in alternative medicine, nutrition, organic foods, being GREEN and so much more!

“This is really an exciting opportunity for the Omaha area to host this health and wellness event,” said Michael Braunstein, from Heartland Healing Website. 

Mike Mancuso, Director of the Omaha Health Expo, said, “The Omaha Health Expo is a unique community event that represents a multi-dimensional, complimentary view of health and wellness.  The expo will have seminars on various topics both days.  As an interactive event, each attendee will have the opportunity to speak with vendors – experts in their fields at the Ramada Plaza Convention Center!”

Mancuso said the Omaha Health Expo is about education.  There have been many studies that relate physical fitness, positive attitude, and overall health to a positive impact on the bottom line.  Associates can have lower levels of stress and improve their well-being and self-esteem.  For companies that can equate to an enhanced productivity level and lower health care costs.

Seminars, all aspects of senior living, assisted living, retirement planning, and so much more…..   Also back — key feature areas – such as the Fitness, Wellness, Healthy Cooking, Natural Nutrition, Holistic Body Care, and others.  

Sandy Aquila from the Omaha Healing Arts Center said, “The expo is creating an opportunity for knowledgeable people in the field of Mind-Body-Spirit to come together.  My vision for this event is that it touches and opens the heart-mind of all who attend and proves to be another doorway into deeper understanding of our highest potential”.

There are so many new and cutting edge technologies available to help us improve our lifestyle and be healthy.  The Omaha Health Expo offers the opportunity to see so much in one place and at one location!  If you are interested in your health, retirement planning, improving your health and well-being, then the Omaha Health Expo will be the place to be on March 26 – 27, 2022 in Omaha!   Mark your calendar now and plan to exhibit and attend.

For more information on the Omaha Health Expo, to be an exhibitor, sponsorships, to showcase your company, please contact us. info@showofficeonline.com





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