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 3321 S 72nd St

(Just a few blocks North of I-80 & 72nd St)

Omaha, NE 68124 

MAY 15 - 16  SATURDAY (11 AM TO 6 PM)  & SUNDAY (11 AM TO 4 PM)

2020 Featured Speaker Main Stage 

Saturday, July 11

10:30 AM        Demo on Martial Arts and Tae won do —  

                         Presented by: Llyod McWhirt from Shuurin Dojo and his team.

11:00 AM        “How to Treat Every Day Ailments with Vitamins and Herbs”

Presented by: Tim Rexius with Rexius Nutrition   


12:00 PM        “What CBD is and what it is NOT? How to Pick the Best CBD”

Presented by: Shiva Kumar with from CBD Remedies


1:00 PM          “Food for Life – Benefits of A Plant Based Diet”

Presented by: Melissa Sherlock, a Certified Food for Life Instructor 


2:00 PM          “Are you Fit? What Can you do to be more Fit? Is Cross-Training Good for You?” 

                         Presented by: Chet Fortune with Pivot Concierge Health 


3:00 PM          “Medicine for Transformation and Optimum Health” 

                         Presented by: Sophia Stratbucker – Director of Heartland Conscious Health and Nirvana Pointe Retreat.



Sunday, July 12


11:00 AM         “The Next Wave of Higher Healing”

Presented by: Jordan Concannon with Blue Oceans Float    


12:00 PM        “UFO’s Are REAL – Extraterrestrials Have Contacted Us”

Presented by: Dr Jack Kasher & Psychic Medium Kristi Pederson    


1:00 PM          “Medical Marijuana and Nebraska – Is it a Go? Everything You Want to Know”

Presented by: David Swarts and Trish Petersen with Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana


2:00 PM          “Vaccines: The Other Side of the Story”

                         Presented by: Adam Fogarty 

3:00 PM          ”Living with Mental Illness” 

                          Presented by: Tracy Daley and Linda Jensen from the National Alliance on Mental Illness – NAMI.




If you are interested in Presenting, have any suggestion on a topic or someone you would like to see at the Show.  Please contact us at

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