This Annual Event has become one of the largest Food Festivals in the Midwest. The Metro area enjoys this opportunity to TASTE a variety of foods from Sizzling Steaks to Ethnic Specialties and Fabulous Desserts, All at One Time and One Place at this Unique Event along with Live Entertainment in the relaxed atmosphere.

The Taste of Omaha  is open to the Public and FREE to attend. The Event will be like no other in the Omaha area offering a sales opportunity and the Unmatchable Exposure of being a part of the Largest Community Event dedicated to promoting Omaha Area Restaurants and Food Businesses.

This Outdoor Festival offers a Perfect Setting with the Aroma of Omaha’s Best Foods and the Excitement of Special Entertainment in the Air throughout the Event.

The Taste of Omaha  is an event focused on showcasing over 50 of Omaha’s favorite food establishments. The festival is designed to allow our crowds, typically 100,000 patrons each year, to savor the restaurants’ specialties whether they try a small “Taste” or a full entrée.

Each year, the festival aims to highlight a diverse selection of Omaha’s restaurants. From Mexican to burgers, ribs to gyros, you can find it all at our New Location.

Expectations are running high for the Taste of Omaha, from the exciting entertainment offered Free to the Public, to the diverse showcase of excellent food companies and restaurants participating.

Many of Omaha’s Restaurants and Food Companies are well known for their signature items and favorite specialties. The Taste of Omaha  will bring together Omaha’s Finest Foods and will be sure to spread Omaha’s reputation as a good-food town throughout the Midwest.

Here’s your chance to get your specialties into the mouths that matter. This is a great marketing opportunity for restaurants. Participating restaurants tend to receive a great bounce back with increased business and brand exposure immediately following the festival. Although we want you to have a positive experience onsite, our goal is to drive business back to your locations to expose our festival goers to your complete menu and turn them into repeat customers.

If you are a restaurant or food establishment looking to find out more about our food program, please send in the application form. For further information please call (402) 346-8003 or email info@showofficeonline.com

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Heartland of America Park


Fri., May 31, 5 pm – 11 pm
Sat., June 1, 11 am – 11 pm
Sun., June 2, 11 am – 8 pm


Thurs., May 30, 8 am – 7 pm
and Fri., May 31, 7 am – 3 pm


Sun., June 2, 8:05 pm – 10 pm


The Taste of Omaha is the First Showcase of its kind offering an OPEN invitation to the Community and FREE admission throughout the three Day Event.


The Event will utilize a Multi-Media Promotional Mix with television, radio, and newsprint coverage as well as several promotions including print and point-of-purchase displays.


The Taste of Omaha will truly be a Celebration of the Heartland featuring various stages of live musical and family entertainment, Kids Play Area Family Village, Sponsors and Special Displays throughout the Event.


Food Exhibitor Applications will be approved by Event Management to insure the best quality and diversity of food items participating in the Event. This is a Turn Key Booth Rental designed for restaurants and food companies so that each Food Exhibitor can simply concentrate on food preparation and delivery.

The Event will organize and provide the following necessary services including:

Table Services – Continuous clean up of tables and grounds throughout the Event.
Fountain Services – Soft Drink Stands will be conveniently located to all Food Exhibitor Booths.
Security Services – Security will be provided on the Festival Grounds during the event and the area will be closed off with overnight security.
Central Bank Services – This will be a beneficial service to each Food Exhibitor allowing complete control of cash and accounting. Each Food Exhibitor will not need a cashier or take the additional time to count and make change. Instead, the Taste Of Omaha will have a Central Bank convenient to the Food Booths selling Food Tickets. The Tickets Collected by Each Food Exhibitor will then be reimbursed for 50 cents each through the Central Bank. Office at the close of Each Day.
Each Food Exhibitor will be responsible for serving plate, bowl, food wrap, etc.


The TASTE OF OMAHA Festival will be broken down into 10′ wide x 10′ deep Food Booth Areas with each Booth provided signage, 110 Electricity and a Tent to meet Douglas County Health Department Codes as well as Temporary Food Permit License.

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Produced by:
Mid-America Expositions, Inc.
7015 Spring Street
Omaha, NE 68106-3518
(402) 346-8003
(800) 475-SHOW
FAX: (402) 346-5412
Email: info@showofficeonline.com