Meet HGTV Star

Grace Mitchell,

Host of “One of a Kind”

Presenting fun, unexpected and personalized design tips – Saturday at  1:30 PM & 6 PM & Sunday at 2:30 PM

HGTV’s hit series One of a Kind is a different kind of home renovation show—designer Grace Mitchell made sure of that. 

Start with your story. 


Think about places you visited that are interesting to you, or a special memory, and try to incorporate that into your space somehow. People often try to copy a magazine or a picture that they see on Pinterest. Sometimes when you recreate those things, they’re nice – but they’re not interesting. They don’t tell anyone anything about you. To me, doing design work is more than just creating a pretty room. What’s special to me about a space is what it says about the people who live in it, what makes them interesting, and what they love – how it tells their story. That is what makes a room memorable, and that is the heart behind what I do.

Through these writings, as I document the ideas constantly swimming through my brain, inspiration I discover in everyday life, my never-ending home projects, and my client work, my hope is that you, the reader, will find your own Storied Style.

Ty Pennington and Grace on a recent episode of “Ty Breaker.”