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FEBRUARY 9-12, 2012

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Kelly Edwards

Meet Host/Designer from

“Design on a Dime”

“Tacky House”

Thursday February 9th at . 7:00 PM ~ Friday February 10th at . 2:00 PM and . 7:30 PM

The Style Network and HGTV star offers dwellers with decorating dilemmas distinctive design tips, bargain-decorating projects and total home makeover transformations inspired by personal style and popular trends. Kelly is well known for her knack in repurposing everyday items into extraordinary collectibles, refurbishing unique home accessories, and crafting recipes for creative cleaning solutions.

Most recently Kelly has been seen on ’The Tyra Banks Show,’ in the pages of national magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Life & Style and Midwest Living, and beamed over the airwaves as the “MacGyver of Design” thanks to her amazing ability to turn a simple space into an innovative interior with only a $1,000 budget. She was also co-host of Style Networks’ design show “Tacky House”.Not just another designing diva, this former teen beauty queen is also a do-it-yourself darling with a passion for all things self-created from fabrics to fashions to foods.

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Make a difference in your design with money-saving tips and budget decorating ideas from Design on a Dime’s Kelly Edwards. Which can be seen on Channel 59…


Paul James

Paul James, known as the “Gardener Guy,” for more than a decade came into our living rooms via his “Gardening by the Yard” show on HGTV.

“There was a time when I hated gardening,” says Master Gardener Paul James, also known as The Gardener Guy®. “It was when my dad made me dig the Bermuda grass out of his vegetable garden in the middle of August, and I’d sweat in places I never knew I had sweat glands.”

Paul hosted one of Home and Garden Television’s most popular programs, “Gardening by the Yard,” most of which is shot in his own backyard. He is also the shows creator, writer, senior producer, and director. The show aired in over 100 million homes around the world.

“I remember watching gardening shows when I was younger, and I was amazed at how everything was always picture perfect. The soil was soft and crumbly. The plants were pest and disease free. And the host never broke a sweat. So when I got the chance to do my own show, I decided to make it as real as possible.”

That realism, plus Paul’s zany style and a commitment to all-natural gardening, has endeared viewers to his show since it first aired on HGTV in 1996, producing 26 episodes of “Gardening by the Yard” each year. “If I’ve got a spot where the soil is awful, or a plant that’s been riddled by bugs or plagued by some sort of disease, I don’t hide it. I feature it. How else will people know how to deal with their own garden problems?”

Paul began gardening in earnest in 1979, the year he and his wife, Carrie, got married and purchased their first home. As an undergraduate, Paul received numerous awards for his research in analytical chemistry. He also studied botany, plant physiology, and plant pathology. In 1983, he received his master gardener certification. But the self-confessed gardening fanatic readily admits that most of what he knows about gardening came from “digging in the dirt, and making more than a few mistakes along the way.”

When he’s not working or spending time in the garden, Paul enjoys being in the kitchen, fishing his favorite trout stream, playing guitar, hanging out with his three kids, and teaching Tae Kwon Do (he’s currently working on his third-degree black belt).

The Gardener Guy® is a registered trademark of Pay Dirt Productions, Inc.

Saturday February 11th at . 2:30 PM and . 7:00 PM ~ Sunday February 12th at . 2:30 PM

Featuring National Garden Experts and Presentations Throughout the Show in the Garden Theater:

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