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brwndiam.gif (1522 bytes) Omaha Home & Garden Green Ideas



Go Green at the Home & Garden Event of the Year. The continuous increase of high energy and gas prices, pollution and the erosion of the environment, indicates the great need today to Conserve, Recycle and be more Eco-Friendly! Surveys indicates American overwelmingly want to help but do not know how to get started. In most homes as much as half of all the energy used in the home is wasted.

The Omaha Home & Garden Expo is a showcase of the latest products and services available and will have experts at the Show discussing ways you can improve your home and help the environment. The 2008 Omaha Home & Garden Expo and Lawn, Flower & Patio Show will highlight thousands of Eco-Friendly products, services and ideas that helps conserve, recycle and be more Eco-friendly that you can visit with at the Show. The City of Omaha Recycling Department, Keep Omaha Beautiful and others will be sharing how you can be involved. There are many ideas from increasing the home’s insulation and energy efficiency to simply replacing a light bulb.

If Americans replaced just one bulb in their home, it would save enough energy to light 2.5 million homes in one year and prevent an amount of greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of 800,000 cars.

Exhibitors with products, services and ideas that helps conserve, recycle and be more Eco-friendly that you can visit with at the Show.