Sunday, August 18, 2019
Heartland of America Park
8th and Farnam
Omaha, Nebraska

Eastern Nebraska Trails Network

Proceeds from the Corporate Cycling Challenge go to Eastern Nebraska Trails Network which is a non-profit – 501C(3) and are used for trail development in the greater Omaha and eastern Nebraska.

Eastern Nebraska Trails Network (ENTN), in cooperation with the Nebraska Trails Foundation (a 501 (C) (#) tax-deductible corporation), was formed in April 1992.

ENTN advocates and supports the development of multi-use trails throughout the Omaha and surrounding areas.

ENTN ongoing activities include assisting in the acquisition of land for trails, monitoring state legislative bills that impact the future of trails, and promoting public awareness.

These activities enable ENTN to work toward long term goals which the proceeds from this event will help fund:

  • Development of trails on land held by Douglas County and the Papio NRD that await future funding
  • Trail connection to Nebraska Game and Parks facilities at the Platte River
  • Trans-Missouri River connection to Iowa’s trails
  • Trail accessing Heron Haven.
  • Trail connection between Omaha and Lincoln
  • We have donated over $166,500 to trails development.  Some additional projects we have donated to are —  $25,000 to the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge Project, $15,000 to the Mo-Pac Trail Project, $10,000 to the Dodge Street Bridge Project by Memorial Park, and this past year we combined efforts with the NRD to fund 20 Fix-It stations in the metro area.

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