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2017 Garden Theater Seminars


Thursday, February 9


“Rainwater and Why it is Important to Keep it in your Yard”

Presented by: Andy Szatko, City of Omaha

Andy Szatko
City of Omaha

“Attracting Pollinators to your Landscape and the Nebraska Pollinator Habitat Certification Program”

Presented by: Scott Evans, NE Extension Horticulture Program Coordinator

Scott Evans
Scott Evans
NE Extension
Friday, February 10  
6:00 pm

"The Vacant Property Toolkit and the Community Garden Toolkit Explanation"

Presented by: Gus Von Roenn, President & Founder of Omaha Permaculture.

Please consider attending an explanation on two great Toolkits that help you understand how you to activate a vacant lot into a vegetable garden, prairie, orchard, rain garden, urban forest or pocket park for your community. Please bring your questions, pictures and Google earth images.

Gus Von Roenn
Gus Von Roenn
Omaha Permaculture
7:00 pm

“Any Size Container Designed for Your Enjoyment”  From 3 inch to 2 feet diameter, containers offer unique ways to add color and purpose to indoor and outdoor spaces. Hands on demonstration with several chances to win containers to take home! Presented by: Addie Kinghorn, Horticulturist and Landscape Designer


Addie Kinghorn,
Nature's Companion

Saturday, February 11  

1:00 pm


“The Bug Zoo” Come visit the bug zoo to meet live critters such as a tarantula, giant millipedes and hissing cockroaches and ask the bug experts your questions about indoor and outdoor pests!

Presented by: Jonathan Larson and Jody Green, Nebraska Extension Entomology Educators



Jonathan Larson and Jody Green
Nebraska Extension Entomology Educators



2:30 pm





“Planning steps before you buy Backyard Chickens and Bees: Locations where they are allowed and the permitting process”

Presented by: Kris Engler, Metropolitan Community College





Kris Engler
Metropolitan Community College



“The Emerald Ash Borer is Here! What Are My Options?”Learn everything from certified arborists and experts including proper care, pest detection, best trees to plant, and answers to your tree questions??

Presented By: John Fech, and Kathleen Cue , Nebraska Extension

John Fech
UNL Extension

Kathleen Cue
UNL Extension


5:30 pm

“Community Gardening Forum”

Presented by: Mary Green of the Dundee Community Garden and Chris Foster of the Gifford Park Community Garden will provide suggestions and ideas for how you can create a community garden in your neighborhood.

Sunday, February 12
12:00 Noon

“How to care for your lawn and landscape naturally and sustainably, while making it attractive to both people and wildlife.”

Presented by Kyle Johnson, Landscape Manager of Joslyn Museum





Kyle Johnson
Joslyn Museum


1:00 pm






“Farm to Table and CSA programs” Buying from local farmers can be done through a Community Supported Agriculture program. Find out what farmers are offering and how to get the most benefit from eating locally thru your CSA membership.

Presented by Amy Wenninghoff, Owner of Wenninghoff Farms







Amy Wenninghoff
Wenninghoff Farms
3:00 pm

“Garden Myths in the Age of Social Media”

Presented by John Porter, Nebraska Extension Urban Ag Educator

John Porter
Nebraska Extension Urban Ag Educator


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